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HomeEquipmentTXi – Forestry Mining Disc Plough
Home TXi – Forestry Mining Disc Plough
TXi – Forestry Mining Disc Plough

TXi – Forestry Mining Disc Plough

Grizzly brings you the TXi. It is the most advanced disc plough in the world, designed to work in some of the most hostile conditions which industry and agriculture demands. It’s even bigger and it’s even better then you could imagine, and you simply have to see it in the flesh to get a gauge on how wonderfully put together the Grizzly TXi is.

If you don’t already have one working in your program, then it’s costing you money.

Designed for use behind large bulldozers with excess of over 550hp and 60 tonnes, the Grizzly TXi will plough the hardest of soil, stand up to tree roots and limbs, plough in organic matter and open up country in the most efficient way you can nd, to a depth of up to 400mm.

TXi will be a pivotal tool in helping you develop land and improve soil, harvest rain, help eliminate run off, reinvigorate grassland and help make a seedbed for your new planting.

It can be set up for various soil types and conditions with its adjustable gang angles.

Using the latest in bushes and pins, all with seals for maximum working life and minimizing wear, as well as utilizing the latest design techniques.

The TXi needs minimal grease on the high moving pivots and the use of Grizzly’s own patent pending oil bath bearing design mean the TXi ploughs for more hours in a day. When discs need replacing, due to the 2-disc assemblies each disc is fitted individually, therefore making it a clean, simple and relatively fast job removing the need to go anywhere near the bearings.

Australian Made

Family owned and operated as well as Australian Designed and built for Aussie farmers and Aussie conditions.



The revolutionary shared oil – oil bath bearing system does away with greasing disc bearings completely. The Oil Bath system utilizing duo-cone seals keeps the 2 x double tapered rollers bearings running in oil and completely clean of ingress and contaminants in an environment that is possibly one of harshest applications on earth.

TXi Specifications

Draught kW (hp) Requirements approx.372kW (500hp)410kW (550hp)450kW (600hp)
Working Width setting 1/45.1m/4.7m5.9m/5.4m6.7m/6.1m
Hectares (acres) per hour @ 6km/h on setting 23ha/hr (7.4 acres/hr)3.5ha/hr (8.7 acres/hr)4ha/hr (9.9 acres/hr)
Weight kg approx24000kg25500kg27000kg
No. of Bearings24 double tapered bearing assemblies (48 in total)24 double tapered bearing assemblies (48 in total)32 double tapered bearing assemblies (64 in total)
No. of double Oil bath Assemblies12 Double Oil Bath Bearing Assemblies (2 sets of double tapered roller bearings per OIL BATH assembly)12 Double Oil Bath Bearing Assemblies (2 sets of double tapered roller bearings per OIL BATH assembly)16 Double Oil Bath Bearing Assemblies (2 sets of double tapered roller bearings per OIL BATH assembly)
No. of single Oil bath Assemblies222
Disc Size42″ x 5/8″ (1060mm x 16mm) scalloped (front corner discs have backing discs)
Disc Spacing460mm (18″)
Spool SizeFabricated and Machined with 180mm OD with 20mm wall thickness
Disc and Spool Support8 stud with 1″ bolt on 350mm compression support
Pull TongueArticulated Bissalloy tongue with Greaseable POM bushes
Pull AssemblyHeavy Duty fabricated with accumulator protection
Gang AnglesAdjustable 4 Settings
Transport Width3.5m
Tyre, Hub and Axle Size53 x 17.5 solid cushion with 10 stud 90mm axles with oil bath bearings. 120mm axle
Main Frame250 x 250mm x 16mm RHS and 250 x 150mm x 16mm RHS fully welded with 16mm top plate and 25mm bottom plate
Gang Frame250 x 250mm x 16mm RHS with 32mm end plates linked in series with disc axles
Filler DiscSingle mounted on oil bath hub

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