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HomeEquipmentField Boss Fixed Frame | Simple Economical Ploughing
Home Field Boss Fixed Frame | Simple Economical Ploughing
Field Boss Fixed Frame | Simple Economical Ploughing

Field Boss Fixed Frame | Simple Economical Ploughing

It can do just about any job for you, from light workings to heavy workings.

It’s simple, it’s strong and it’s no fuss ploughing. Available from 24 to 48 plate machines in working widths from 2.85m to 5.55m

It has all the running gear features, scrapers and hydraulic pitch control as well as adjustable gang angles packaged together in a basic, strong configuration that makes it a high performer in the field. Its frame configuration is for farmers that don’t need to fold for transport.

Twist Out Bearing

Maximum reliability, minimum downtime and ease of maintenance. Grizzly’s twist in/out bearings and bearing housings with 6 bolt disc assembly. 2 year warranty on bearings. Never pull discs apart to change a bearing again. Can easily be changed in the field.

Patented ‘T’ Bar Scraper

Grizzly Floppy T-Bar Scraper system has proven over time to control soil and trash build up on axle spools. They allow you to continue working in all conditions. Get into a wet paddock earlier.

Hydraulic Pitch Control

Enables the set up of the machine to be fine tuned from the tractor seat. Helping to ensure a level finish. Also with inbuilt solid impact safe guard. Also assists in moving the machine around channels and rough terrain.

Australian Made

Family owned and operated as well as Australian Designed and built for Aussie farmers and Aussie conditions.



Tool Box & Tool Kit

To ensure all the tools you need to perform maintenance activities on your machine are always close at hand.

Heavy Duty Componentry

Bolt on / Bolt off stub axles and wheel legs allows for serviceability in the field if required. Lockable and greaseable hydraulic ram pins with hardened bushes ensure years of trouble free service.

Field Boss Fixed Frame Specifications

Draught kW H.P. Required Approximate45-67kW (60-90hp)52-75kW (70-100hp)67-90W (90-120hp)82-112kW (110-150hp)90-120kW (120-160hp)97-130kW (130-180hp)112-150kW (150-200hp)
Hectares P/H @ 8kph2.
Disc Spacing230mm (9″)
Weight (kg) Approximate2500kg2900kg3150kg3450kg3650kg3900kg4200kg
Weight kg per disc106kg104kg98kg96kg91kg89kg88kg
Cutting Width @ 21 Degrees2.85m (9’3”)3.3m (10’10”)3.75m (12’5”)4.2m (13’9”)4.6m (15’3”)5.1m (16’6”)5.55m (18’)
Transport Width in Working Position3.4m (11’2”)3.8m (12’5”)4.2m (13’9”)4.7m (15’6”)5.1m (16’9”)5.55m (18’2”)6m (19’8”)
Minimum Transport Width2.59m (9’7”)3.0m (10’2”)3.38m (10’11”)3.65m (11’11”)3.85m (12’7”)4.05m (13’3”)4.4m (14’4”)
No. Bearings8141616161622
Hydraulics2 x Phasing Cylinders
(3 1/4” x 12”) & (3 1/2” x 12”)
2 x Phasing Cylinders
(4” x 12”) & (4 1/4” x 12”)
Pitch Control2.5” x 6” Hydraulic Pitch Control and Level Spring Assembly
Tyre Size2 x (11.5/80 – 15.3) 16PR4 x (11.5/80 – 15.3) 16PR
Wheel Axle SizeH60 See Options – can upgrade to H70H70
Gang Frame250mm x 150mm x 6mm RHS
Main Frame Size150 x 100 x 6mm RHS – See Options150 x 100 x 9mm RHS
Pull Frame150mm x 150mm x 9 SHS
Pull TongueFixed CAT 3 – See Options
Gang Angles19/21/23 degrees
Gang Bolts6 x 20mm tie bolts
Gang Axles38mm (1 1/2”) Square
Gang BearingTwist in, Self Aligning Greasable Bearing with a 2 year bearing warranty
Spool Size220mm Heavy Wall Pipe
ScrapersGrizzly Floppy T-Bar Scrapers
Disc Size660mm x 6mm (26” x 1/4”) Scalloped – See Options
Filler Disc2 x filler discs 550mm x 6mm

Heavy Rowcropper Options

DiscsStandard – 660mm x 6mm (26” x 1/4”) Scalloped
660mm x 8mm (26” x 5/16”) Scalloped
710mm x 6mm (28” x 1/4”) Scalloped
710mm x 8mm (28” x 5/16”) Scalloped
660mm x 6mm (26” x 1/4”) Fluted
660mm x 8mm (26” x 5/16”) Fluted
710mm x 6mm (28” x 1/4”) Fluted
710mm x 8mm (28” x 5/16”) Fluted
Pull TonguesFixed CAT 2, 4, 5
CAT 2, 3, 4, 5
Articulated CAT 2, 3, 4, 5
CAT 2, 3, 4, 5
Wheel axle upgradeUpgrade from H60 to H70 24 to 40 plate only
Bolt on Filler DiscsAdjustable scalloped filler disc on outside of rear gang for fine tuning finish (additional to standard filler discs
Rear tow hitchHeavy duty bolt on rear tow hitch or without tail lights and bracket for ‘oversize’ sign
Spare Wheel BracketBolt on spare wheel bracket
Mainframe Upgrade150mm x 100mm x 9mm RHS200mm x 100mm x 9mm RHS

Download the
Field Boss
Fixed Frame Brochure

Download the Field Boss Fixed Frame Specification and Detailed Equipment Guide

It will be emailed to you after a few quick questions.

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