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About Grizzly: Cultivating Excellence Down Under

Turning Australian Soil for Over 40 Years

In the heart of Swan Hill, Victoria, lies the proud headquarters of Grizzly, Australia’s premier manufacturer and exporter of disc ploughs. For over four decades, we have been earning the trust of farmers across Australia and beyond. From Australia to the lush landscapes of New Zealand, the rugged terrains of South Africa to the vast expanses of Russia, Grizzly has become synonymous with reliability, innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality.

Our Roots Run Deep

What sets Grizzly apart is not just the machinery we produce but the dedication embedded in our roots. A family-owned and operated company, Grizzly has grown from humble beginnings the number 1 name in Disc Tillage in the Australian agricultural machinery sector. Our journey began with a vision – to design machines that not only withstand the demanding Australian conditions but also exceed the expectations of hardworking operators and that vision remains today.

Innovation at the Core

With over 12 patents under our belt, we stand as pioneers in agricultural machinery. Our commitment to innovation is evident in every machine we produce – a testament to our pursuit of excellence. From ensuring a straight pull to digging level, our machinery is engineered to meet the unique demands of Australian operators.

Numbers Speak Louder

Over 9000 machines proudly bear the Grizzly mark, ploughing through more than 70 million acres of Australian soil. Behind these staggering numbers lies over 40 years of expertise in designing, manufacturing, selling, and supporting agricultural machinery. We take pride in our over 10,000 satisfied customers that own new or pre owned Grizzly products.

The Grizzly Family

At Grizzly, we believe in the power of our people. Our team of
over 40 full-time members is not just a workforce; it’s a family bound by a shared commitment to excellence. Each member plays a crucial role in ensuring that every Grizzly machine that leaves our facility is a testament to our dedication to quality.

Community and National Support

Grizzly isn’t just a business; it’s a community player. We actively contribute to local infrastructure projects, supporting the growth of the communities that have been the bedrock of our success. Nationally, our involvement in projects like the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the Rural Aid Australia initiative showcases our commitment to the broader agricultural landscape.

Field Days and Beyond

Grizzly is not just a name; it’s a familiar face at over 400 Field Days across Australia and beyond. Our presence at these events, spanning over three years of individual days of attendance, reflects our dedication to engaging directly with our customers and the wider agricultural community.

More Than a Machine, a Legacy

It’s not just a statistic that over 50% of our customers have owned more than one Grizzly product; it’s a testament to the trust we’ve earned. Grizzly isn’t just a brand; it’s a legacy passed down through generations of farmers who recognize the reliability, durability, and performance that comes with our machinery.

As we look back at our journey of over 40 years, we are not just proud of what we’ve achieved but excited about what lies ahead. Grizzly remains at the forefront of agricultural innovation, consistently evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the farming community.

In the vast landscapes where agriculture thrives, Grizzly is not just a manufacturer; it’s a partner in progress, cultivating excellence down under.