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Deep Digger | Break Up Hard Pan




Deep Digger | Break Up Hard Pan

Are you looking to “expand your soil’s capacity?” Enhance root penetration, promote better rain absorption, and minimise runoff while optimising crop yields? A Lot of Aussie farmers are calling this “increasing the size of their bucket” which is a true Aussie way to explaining the beneficial effects of deep ripping.

Over time, farmers may come to accept that a single hot day or series of unfavourable days can prematurely limit a crops potential. However, by employing deep ripping techniques on your soil, you can increase water storage in the profile, fostering more favourable soil conditions for the development of deeper-rooted plants.

This not only aids in water retention but also enables crops to withstand challenging conditions, allowing them to fulfil their potential and yielding more.

The Grizzly Deep Digger, engineered and manufactured in Australia specifically for rugged Aussie conditions, has gained a reputation as a robust deep ripper tool. Packed with features, the Deep Digger is a highly sought-after choice for both farmers and contractors.

Key Features:


  • ✔️ Curved or parabolic design crafted from 32mm thick quenched and tempered steel.
  • ✔️ Replaceable point and shin guards for durability.
  • ✔️ 660mm underframe clearance.
  • ✔️ Available in configurations ranging from 1 to 15 tines, with working widths from 0.5m to 7.5m (optional 760mm underframe clearance on the 7.5m machine).

Shear Pin Protection:

Tines equipped with a 12-tonne shear pin breakout to safeguard against damage from foreign objects.

Rocker Axle:

Allows the machine to effortlessly follow the ground contour, maintaining consistent depth.

Tool Box:

Heavy-duty toolbox included for convenient storage of basic tools and accessories.

Depth Gauge:

Easy-to-read depth gauge and positive set depth stop plates ensure a consistent working depth.

Australian Made

Family owned and operated as well as Australian Designed and built for Aussie farmers and Aussie conditions.



Hydraulic Pitch Control:

Enables fast and effective front-to-back leveling from the tractor seat.

Curved Tine:

Parabolic tine design reduces horsepower requirements, minimizes stress and wear on the frame and components, and facilitates pulling down to the desired depth even in the toughest soils.

Discover the power of the Grizzly Deep Digger – an Aussie-made solution for cultivating excellence in Australian agriculture.

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