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HomeEquipmentBed Former | Cropping on Raised Beds
Home Bed Former | Cropping on Raised Beds
Bed Former | Cropping on Raised Beds

Bed Former | Cropping on Raised Beds

You will be impressed with the way the Grizzly Bed Former can go into a flat unworked paddock and create a bed in just 1 or 2 passes.

We often get feedback that farmers are not happy with the beds that contractors are doing for them because of a rushed operation or because they are using equipment that simply isn’t up to the job. Now there is a solution. So you can get better results with cropping on raised beds.

Are you a dry land cropper sacrificing yield or experiencing crop failure due to water logging in your farming operation? We specialise in the design and manufacture of Bed Formers for the high rainfall cropping areas of Australia to alleviate water logging issues to help with drainage and increase your reliability of getting a harvest while cropping on raised beds.

Our Grizzly Bed Former is strong and robust and is suited to large scale farmers and contractors that require high quality, consistent beds (furrows), simply and easily without the need for ripping or discing prior to forming beds.

Do you have rocks in your paddocks? That’s no problem for our Bed Formers with the hydraulic release tine assembly you can protect your machine from damage if the occasional rock is hit during operation.

With a move to 3 meter beds in a lot of areas now to fit in with equipment better we can tailor the furrow width to your requirements. With most machines now being put to work on 3 meter spacings with proven results.

To ensure the Grizzly Bed Former will form raised beds easier and more effectively then you thought was possible. It will meet all your requirements and it is available with the following configurations:

  • ✔️ Linkage
  • ✔️ Trailing
  • ✔️ Hydraulic breakout tine assembly or Shear Pin
  • ✔️ Depth wheels
  • ✔️ Crumble roller
  • ✔️ Bed squaring boards

Australian Made

Family owned and operated as well as Australian Designed and built for Aussie farmers and Aussie conditions.



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