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Home Tiny 230 | The Best Farmers Plough
Tiny 230 | The Best Farmers Plough



Tiny 230 | The Best Farmers Plough

Tiny has changed all the rule books when it comes to offset and tandem offset cultivation.

The most popular model within the range because it is such a versatile cultivation tool. The TINY230 runs 230mm (9”) disc spacings meaning it can be used for all general cultivation requirements plus it can be put to work in tough conditions where soil is hard to penetrate but you still need a full cut-out or when you are getting country into shape.

Whether you’re a dryland farmer just wanting to lightly work in a stubble or you are a cattle producer wanting to do some pasture renovation or an irrigation farmer needing to work in your last crop stubble it has the ability to do all these jobs plus more. All models feature the 250 x 150 x 16mm RHS outside beams for added weight and pure strength.

Increased choice of gang angles gives you from 10 degrees through to 30 degrees allowing for fast, light stubble cultivation through to heavy, deep, slow cultivation. 3.5mtr transport width with your option of hydraulic or manual fold.

If you like the sound of the TINY230 but you want 32” discs then you need the TINY230H which gives you all the advantages of the TINY230 but with the ability to take a 32” disc, it has longer end plates and scrapers to match, giving you greater clearance.

Available in 36 plate to 76 plate machines in working widths from 4.2m to 8.55m.

Twist Out Bearing

Maximum reliability, minimum downtime and ease of maintenance. Grizzly’s twist in/out bearings and bearing housings with 6 bolt disc assembly. 2 year warranty on bearings. Never pull discs apart to change a bearing again. Easily changed in field.

Patented ‘T’ Bar Scraper

Grizzly Floppy “T” Bar Scraper system has proven over time to control soil and trash build up on axle spools. They allow you to continue working in all conditions. Get into a wet paddock earlier.

Hydraulic Pitch Control

Enables the set up of the machine to be fine tuned from the tractor seat. Helping to ensure a level finish. Springs give inbuilt solid impact protection and ground following ability.

Various Wheel Options

You can choose from a range of tyre types and sizes to suit your application. 28ply aero tyres shown.

Impact safety

Springs on the hydraulic pitch control allow the machine to follow through contours and help absorb impacts from underground obstacles without putting excessive stress on frame and components.

Articulated Tongue

Heavy duty fully articulated tongue gives a close tolerance connection with the tractor minimising wear and allowing for smoother operation.

Tool Box & Tool Kit

To ensure all the tools you need to perform maintenance activities on your machine are always close at hand.

Heavy Duty Componentry

Bolt on / Bolt off stub axles and wheel legs allows for serviceability in the field if required. Lockable and greasable hydraulic ram pins with hardened bushes ensure years of trouble free service.

Narrow Transport

Most models fold to 3.5 metres (11’5”) for transport or narrow gateways. Goes easily from working position to transport position. Also with hydraulic fold option.

Hydraulic Level Lift

Hydraulic level lift ensures the machine lifts out and enters the ground evenly, adding to operator ease, comfort and the performance of the machine.

Hydraulic Safety

Counter balance valves for added safety in case of a burst hose as well as relief valve to ensure no undue stress is placed on componentry.

Road Transport Options

Oversize sign, tow hitch, tail lights and spare tyre for operators doing road travel or if working in conditions that increase the chances of getting a flat.

Australian Made

Family owned and operated as well as Australian Designed and built for Aussie farmers and Aussie conditions.



Rear Seeder Platform

Seeder platform allows mounting of rear small seeds seeder to over sow grasses when doing pasture renovation work.

Heavy Duty Rollers

A view from above shows the heavy duty double rollers. There are two on each gang that run on a stainless steel track. Easily moved from transport to working position plus easy to change gang settings.

28” to 42” Discs

Choose the right machine for the job and get the disc size that will work for you in your conditions.

Hydraulic Hose Protection

For conditions where a lot of timber and other organic matter will be encountered. Protects hydraulic hoses on the pull up to the top of the frame.

Hydraulic Fold

Go from working position to folding position without leaving the cab. The ultimate game changer for operator ease and comfort.

Tiny 230/230H Specifications

Disc SizeT1NY230 28″ x 3/8″. (710mm x 10mm) front discs – 28″ x 5/16″ (710rnm x 8mm) rear discs – optional 3/8″ (10mm)
(TNH) TINY23H Standard with 28″ x 3/8″ front and 28″ x 5/16″ rear.
Optional 32″ x 3/8 (810mm x 10mm) front and rear or 5/16″ (8mm) disc rear.
Draught kW (hp) Requirements approx.149+ (200+)157+ (210+)164+ (220+)172+ (230+)179+ (240+)186+ (250+)201+ (270+)216+ (290+)223+ (300+)238+ (320+)246+ (330+)
Working Width4.20m 13’5″4.65m 15’3″5.10m 16’6″5.55m 18′5.95m 19’6″6.40m 21′6.90m 22’7″7.30m 24′7.70m 25’3″8.14m 26’5″8.55m 28′
Hectares P/H @ 8 kph2.
Disc Spacing230mm (9″)
Weight approx 2309900kg10250kg10500kg10750kg11000kg11250kg11500kg11750kg12000kg12250kg12500kg
Weight per disc 230275kg256kg239kg224kg212kg201kg192kg184kg176kg170kg164kg
Weight approx 230H10800kg11200kg11500kg11800kg12100kg12400kg12700kg13000kg13300kg13600kg13900kg
Weight per disc 230H300kg280kg261kg246kg225kg221kg212kg203kg196kg189kg183kg
No. of Bearings 2301624242424242432323232
No. of Bearings 230H1624242424242432323240
Gang Bearings38mm x 100mm self aligning greaseable with 2 Year Warranty
Transport Width TINY 230 – 28″ discs3.5mmm (11’5″)
Transport Width TINY 230H – 21″ discs3.5mmm (11’5″)3.53m3.6m3.66m
Tyre & Axle Size13.0/65 – 18 16 ply 6 stud H70 75mm axle – see options500/50 – 22.5 16 ply 8 stud H90 100m axle – see options
Main Frame250 x 150 x 9mm RHS with 16mm outer beams
Gang FrameCAT 2/3
Suits CAT 3 Quick Hitch
250 x 150 x 12.7mm (16mm with 32″ discs)

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