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Home Jack | Minimal Disturbance Ripping
Jack | Minimal Disturbance Ripping



Jack | Minimal Disturbance Ripping

All the same features as Jack – Shear Pin and Jack – Hydraulic Release but in trailed configuration.

Standard in sizes from 11 tines through to 17 tines. There are many options you can choose with our fully bolted together framework.

Tine spacings and wheel spacings are completely adjustable before order and can even be moved on the machine at a later date giving you a lot more versatility into the future.

Little Jack – 100mm x 100mm x 9mm SHS frame with various options gives this machine a very competitive price tag with performance that is industry leading.

Available from 3 tines through to 11 tines with various tine spacing options to suit your requirements.

Jack Shear Pin – Simple and easy to change shear pins give protection to the frame and components when underground obstacles are encountered.

Available in 1 though to 13 tines as standard machines with variations made on request. If you have very tight country and or underground rock or stumps then the “Jack – Hydraulic Release” is the right machine for you.

Jack Hydraulic Release – When these tine trip when hitting underground obstacles they automatically reset meaning increased efficiency, lower operating costs and increased health and safety to operators.

Breakout pressure is adjustable via your tractor’s hydraulic system. Available in 1 through to 13 tins as standard machines with variations made on request. Increase your farms output with deep tillage.

Jack Hydraulic Breakout Specifications


Little Jack Specifications


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