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Home Irrigation Preparation: Made Easy With Grizzly
Irrigation Preparation: Made Easy With Grizzly
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Irrigation Preparation For Efficient Water Use And Cutting Edge Techniques

What is Irrigation Preparation and Why Should I Do it?

Maybe you are looking to introduce the latest, cutting-edge irrigation layouts into your cropping process and plans. Are you redesigning your irrigation systems? Maybe you are part of the dynamic and rapidly changing cotton cropping industry…

Maybe your avocadoes, macadamia, citrus or grape crop irrigation systems need renovating for efficiency…
Or are you just looking to maximise water efficiency in our drought-prone Australian environment?

Irrigation preparation is critical, and Grizzly has the machinery and equipment to help you do it.

Irrigation preparation

Specific crops have specific requirements relating to irrigation preparation. Sometimes trees need to be planted on a raised bed for proper drainage. Some crops require ripping under the roots to ensure correct and proper breaking up of hard pans to prevent root rot or root disease.

Annual or seasonal crops such as rice, cotton, sorghum, legumes, cereals, etc. also have a specific requirement in irrigation, watering techniques and planning for these.
In any new layouts, be it for flood irrigation, channel irrigation or dripper irrigation, laser levelling or fording will be necessary. In these situations, it is imperative to get consistently broken or tilled soil, taking off high points to ensure a constant, steady and consistent lay of the land. The right equipment to do this efficiently and well is critical.

Australian Made

Family owned and operated as well as Australian Designed and built for Aussie farmers and Aussie conditions.



Grizzly is There for You…

Grizzly has the specific machines for breaking soil or developing country for irrigation, these include deep diggersheavy offsets and tandem heavy offset discs or banker channelling. Machines that suit your specific requirements of horsepower needed or tractor size.

Whatever irrigation method you use for your crops, flood, drip or row crop irrigation, banker or channelling set up, row crop irrigation, bankless channel setups, syphon setups, traditional border check or contour irrigation, planning and preparation is essential.

Proper planning and preparation will maximise your yields. Whether it be cotton yields, cereal crop yields, your permanent crop yields.

New irrigation techniques and better upkeeping country, managing organic matter and residue or more easily and efficiently managing ongoing maintenance of land for your permanent crops or annual cropping needs the proper planning and preparation.

And Grizzly is there for you. Your Grizzly machine will ensure a quality result, maximised yields, water use efficiency and the most efficient way of cropping country, for permanent plantations or annual crops. Contact your local Grizzly team today!

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