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Grizzly Patents

Grizzly Patents

Being a leader in the agricultural industry, we have a range of unique patents which have proven themselves to be effective in the agricultural industry. Along with intelligent and practical designs, our patented features provide Grizzly owners an edge in the field.

Floppy T-Bar Scraper 

Our patented Floppy T-Bar Scraper revolutionised discs ploughs with its design, allowing the Grizzly disc ploughs to work in wet, sticky, and muddy soils beyond any of our closest competitors.

The Floppy T-Bar Scraper in its design is engaged for work only when mud build-up occurs on the spool/disc spacer whilst working.

Unique in its design to allow the maximum amount of clearance between the disc face allows the Grizzly machines to handle the highest amount of organic matter on the market.

Bearing Shield

The bearing shield is fitted around the bearing housing and stops foreign material and organic matter and soil from being forced into the bearing area of the discs.

This is especially effective when machines are required to work on the deeper end to their capacity, or with machines fitted with larger discs where soil wants to push up hard into the bearing area of the discs.

Once the bearing shield is assembled, it’s incredibly effective at keeping the bearing and housing free of soil mud and organic matter. Its function also allows greater access to greasing bearings and reduces the wear of critical components.

Grizzly Wheel Track Renovator

The Grizzly Wheel Track Renovator is a patented machine designed specifically for filling tracks created by farm machinery, in particular tracks created by spraying and spreading equipment and where multiple passes over the same tracks are part of your farming practice. Depending on your farming set up you may be semi or full Controlled Traffic Farming and in which case you will more than likely need one of these patented machines.

The Wheel Track Renovator is the first of its kind to incorporate opposing discs and the crumble roller combination. The benefit of opposing discs provides simplicity during set-up and operation. This is the most efficient, cost-effective and versatile way of filling your wheel tracks left from tractors, sprayers, harvesters, and irrigators.

The discs capture and throw soil into the track while the roller sets the depth of the discs to the set level.

Hydraulic Folding Mechanism in Tiny

The hydraulic folding mechanism is intelligent in its design, utilising hydraulics to clamp the gangs to the mainframe.

This patented design is only available in Grizzly Tiny. Split system hydraulics allows for both clamping and rotation of the gangs between working position and transport position to have a manageable transport width.

This means the operator doesn’t have to leave the tractor to change the machine from ploughing to transport position. This greatly reduces OHS risks involved and is also a huge time-saving. With modern agriculture transportability becoming ever-important, stricter road restrictions, as well as convenience, are all expected by a modern farmer.

It drives improvements such as the hydraulic folding mechanism allowing easy conversion from working position to folded position without leaving the cab.


TXi is a patent-pending design with a unique disc bearing assembly system. It features a static axel, with an oil-bearing rotating around the static axel. The unit is enclosed with the discs bolted to the ends with a bearing unit, which are fixed in place by being sandwiched between another plate.

One key advantage of this design allows discs to be accessed individually. The key benefit of this is we are able to do away with the need for long tie or arbour bolts, which run through the entire length of the disc unit assembly, instead of the discs fixed in place to a heavy-duty fabricated spool.

Australian Made

Family owned and operated as well as Australian Designed and built for Aussie farmers and Aussie conditions.



This is in conjunction with two double taper roller bearings mounted on a static axel which is tied together in series to make for the strongest and most well put together disc plough design on the market.

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