Are You in the Market for the Best Disc Banker? May We Suggest Grizzly Disc Bankers…

Are You in the Market for the Best Disc Banker? May We Suggest Grizzly Disc Bankers…

But before we start recommending the best disc bankers and why Grizzly leads the market, lets recap on disc bankers… what they are and what they are used for.

What Are They?

As the name suggests, disc banker create banks. Banks can range from 30cm to 2m in height and can be used in many applications. We’ll go into these in a minute.
Disc bankers use a rotating disc to move the soil inwards, creating the bank.

What Are They Used For?

So back to what we mentioned earlier. There are Three Main Applications for Disc Bankers. The first is building banks for planting trees, planting orchards, or developing tree plantations. These could be macadamia plantations, avocado orchards, almond farms or any form of new plantation.
Planting the trees on banks or tree mounds means the trees are planted in high amounts of topsoil and are higher than the surrounding ground meaning the roots grow in healthier more fertile soil and the roots kept out of any ground water or water table. In this situation, bankers can take the pseudonyms of irrigation bankers, tree bankers, tree mounders or just simply mounders
Another application for disc bankers is when growing rice. Rice planting is unique as the plants grow submerged in water bays or paddies. The water level in these rice bays or paddies is held in by banks of varying heights. And, you guessed it, these are created by a disc banker, often called a rice banker in this application, but is essentially the same thing.
The third application is to create contour banks. Contour banks are needed in areas where heavy storm activity is common and the contour of the land is hilly or undulating. Without these contour banks, top soil or the ground generally can easily be eroded through water runoff.
Contour banks are used to direct the water or hold the water to soak into the ground or save / store the water for future use. Through the use of contour banks, the valuable topsoil is maintained in paddocks rather than being washed away in the heavy downpours as well as the valuable moisture is retained allowing it to soak in.
Another application, although not a main one, is road grading or road building. Disc bankers can often be found in this space to quickly and efficiently move soil for it then to be manicured and compacted into a road or track.
Grizzly - Bank Channeller

What Should I Be Aware Of When Buying A Disc Banker?

There are a lot of second hand disc bankers on the market. Buy with confidence as long as the banker is going to do the job you require. Check the outside measurements of the bank and the discs to draw soil from. Modern day banks tend to be wider and bigger than traditional banks and many machines are customisable to your needs.
Grizzly - Banker Hiller

Grizzly Has the Name

Do me a favour… do a Google search on ‘Disc Banker’… likely you will see Grizzly appear in the top search results. There is a reason for this. Grizzly provides the best way to build a bank and are continuously improving this. Grizzly disc bankers are available with 28 inch and 32 inch discs, giving you the size you need.
Grizzly have made many improvements to disc bankers to be more heavy duty, with bigger discs, more reliable bearings, heavier bearing systems and a heavier frame. They are comfortably used behind a 350 horse power or higher tractor.
Contact your local Grizzly dealer for further questions or to secure your disc banker.

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