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Home Struggling With Regrowth Control? Help Is Here!
Struggling With Regrowth Control? Help Is Here!
  • Regrowth Control

Struggling With Regrowth Control? Help Is Here!

Mastering Regrowth Control

Call it deep working, inverted country, deep growth, deep ploughing, chain, blade plough or pasture renovation, regrowth control is an ongoing agricultural struggle for pastoralists in Australia and around the world.

But help is at hand. While the process has been around for many years and is by no means new, Grizzly have developed and released a new, heavy duty disc range of ground breaking technology to make regrowth control more efficient and effective.

What’s New in the Grizzly Range?

The new Grizzly range designed for regrowth control includes the Tiny, Tiny 290Tiny 390 and Tiny 460. This machinery has brought regrowth control up to date and into the current century.

What’s Different for Regrowth Control?

In updating older equipment Grizzly have made transportation easier, with more efficient conversion from working position to transport or folded position. The new models can be transported on a low loader or flat top trailer or semi trailer or just towed easily along the road, with less effort than previous machinery. Improvements in design have also made the models very efficient to use in comparison to a blade plough, for instance. Improved design has also increased ploughing depth to 12 inches and in some cases up to 14 inches.

How Does the Grizzly Tiny Range Get Results?

After being chained and stick raked, the Grizzly Tiny models work deep to loosen and break up remaining roots and soil, increasing water penetration, flattening the soil, leading to simpler pasture renovation and ultimately grower better and stronger feed and pasture to get to the ultimate goal of increased stocking rates.

Some customer are even using Tiny to bring country into their cropping rotations after 24 months paddocks are able to be cropped after 2 years of fodder crops or oats being planted.

Who are the Ideal Customers or Users?

Put simply, traditional blade plough users, who need to get a full cut out. With traditional machinery, however, this process can leave the country very rough and slow. Grizzly delivers a smoother finish, travelling more quickly, getting a full cut out of roots and suckers and also mixing and turning over he soil to to freshen the soil up and get an even mix through the profile of the soil to allow for better solid for growing native and feed pastures.

Those using, bulldozers such as Caterpilla and Komatsu dozers who are undertaking irrigation development, deep working, deep ripping and cultivation in one path, or those with high horsepower requiring very deep disc cultivation will find increased efficiency and effectiveness from the Grizzly Tiny models.

Contractors will also benefit from using the machines due to easier transportation and conversion from working position to transport position.

Where is Grizzly Machinery Best Used?

The Australian outback such as Western Queensland are the highest users of Grizzly, with the main industry benefiting being cattle producers. However there are a lot of farmers using Grizzly for deep mixing of clay, lime and other materials that help with the health and nutrients of the soil to grow better crops. The data we receive from farmers is astounding as to the benefits of strategically undertaking deep tillage of their soils and it is something all farmers should be looking at doing to improve there soils and ultimately their bottom line.

Australian Made

Family owned and operated as well as Australian Designed and built for Aussie farmers and Aussie conditions.



Where Can I Purchase a Grizzly?

Speak to your local dealer or representative or visit https://www.grizzlyag.com.au

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