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HomeNews & ArticlesScrub Clearing, A Way To Increase Value Of Your Land!
Home Scrub Clearing, A Way To Increase Value Of Your Land!
Scrub Clearing, A Way To Increase Value Of Your Land!
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Do You Want To Increase The Value Of Your Land?

Scrub Clearing May Be The Ultimate Solution

It is common knowledge, but cannot be stated enough that farmers and pastoralists need to maintain pasture assets in order to gain maximum value from them. This is generally through increasing the turning new scrub into pasture land or improving the quality of pasture land to increase stocking rates. Increased stocking rates will get you a bigger piece of the action in the cattle market, wherein the last 5 or so years, cattle value and price per head have increased significantly.

But, did you also know that there is a direct link between the value of cattle and the value of the land used to grow them? It is possible, through increasing the quality of pasture and also turning unused scrubland into a pasture in increase the value of your farm or station. In short, through selective and responsible scrub clearing, you can make your property more productive and more valuable.

Don’t Know Where to Start? Here are the Scrub Clearing Basics…

Chances are that years and years ago, your land has been cleared through chaining or pulling to flatten any small trees, brush or scrub. The land was likely left for a year or two, then stick raked, ripped, burned and blade ploughed to get rid of all vegetation and roots. However, if land management hasn’t been kept up to date across the years it may be time for some pastoral renovation.

If your farm management practice hasn’t involved maintaining the scrub clearing of yesteryear, suckers or small trees may once again be growing where they shouldn’t. Leave these long enough and they will turn your once profitable pasture right back to the unusable scrub that it was 50 years ago. Clear them out and you can reap the rewards in increased stocking, cattle turning, land value and profitability.

Additional side benefits are also that good land or farm management practices such as this will reduce burnable habitat, reducing your risk and exposure to bushfire threats. Good land or farm management practices also potentially reducing your mustering costs through the more accessible land. But at the end of the day, with the price of land also increasing across QLD, investing in your own land rather than buying new can be more economical.

And the Best Land Management Equipment to use?

Following the clearing steps we discussed above to finish the pastoral land, ensuring great results in smoother, more usable land and higher quality grassing, we recommend the Grizzly TinyTiny 290Tiny 390Tiny 460, blade plough country, Old blade plough country. Managing multiple properties or using the machines for contract work is a breeze with Grizzly, as machines are designed to be easily transported between properties or jobs.

If “What is the the best machinery to pull the equipment” is your question, this depends… as needs vary widely the Grizzly equipment can be pulled by a wheel tractor, tractor, bulldozer or dozer. Also, you may consider using 28, 32, 36 or 42-inch discs, depending on your specific needs. All are available at Grizzly.

The Legal Word…

One word of caution regarding scrub clearing. Some areas may be subject to differing zones, some protected areas that cannot be cleared or you may need permits to clear new land. Chances are you will already be well and truly across these restrictions, however if you have any concerns, check with your local Council or land authority to be sure.

Australian Made

Family owned and operated as well as Australian Designed and built for Aussie farmers and Aussie conditions.



Go Get Out There and Invest!

Is it time you practised your chaining and pulling, dusted off that stick rake and blade plough, and showed your Grizzly some action? Is now the time for you to increase your farm management practice, renovated your pasture or cultivated some new pasture to increase the value and profitability of your land?

If the answer is YES!!, your local Grizzly dealer can hook you up with the right equipment.

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