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HomeNews & ArticlesSoil Preparation For Planting: A Must Prerequisite.
Home Soil Preparation For Planting: A Must Prerequisite.
Soil Preparation For Planting: A Must Prerequisite.
  • Soil Preparation for Planting

Planning Your Planting? Make Sure You Use The Right Soil Preparation

You would think it is taken for granted, but proper soil preparation for planting is a key tool in maximising the highest and best yield from the crop being planted. This also maximises profit as a flow on.

How Does It Work?

Good and effective soil preparation maximises soil to seed contact. This works to get the best strike rate or germination rate for seeds planted. It also helps with water efficiency, ensuring the water is held where it is most effective in germinating the seeds.

Soil preparation ensures nutrients in the soil are available for the seed through the germination and also growth phases. A consistent, well-tilled soil is a necessity in maximising the success of any crop and in turn your profit.

When Is Soil Preparation Needed?

Summer or winter cropping, market gardens, small crops, fruit, fruit trees and any types of berries or vegetables all require proper land preparation. This includes consistent, well turned over and deep ripped soil to ensure maximum nutrient access and osmosis. This gives the seeds and ultimately the plants maximum access to nutrients available in the soil.

In addition, soil preparation may be carried out prior to planting trees, legumes, cereals, or renovating pasture for livestock production.

Soil preparation is also used in mining industries for land reclamation where top soil is pushed aside prior to mining, or in digging trenches to lay oil, gas or water pipes.

What Machinery Delivers The Best Soil Preparation Results?

Grizzly discs and rippers have been proven to deliver superior results in soil preparation for planting in Australia and around the world. Grizzly is the preference for many farmers in maximising results.

Australian Made

Family owned and operated as well as Australian Designed and built for Aussie farmers and Aussie conditions.



Why Are Grizzly The Best?

Grizzly has been making offset discs and tandem offset discs since 1982. Throughout this time Grizzly have developed, innovated and refined machines to deliver superior results in deep tillage and efficient land or soil management processes. This experience and knowledge has built one of the most efficient forms of soil cultivation in the world.

Is There Proof That Grizzly Is The Best?

The proof of soil preparation success is in the return customer and feedback Grizzly receive from their customers with 100% of customers saying they would purchase another Grizzly machine.

There are, however, other factors that influence results, these are the superior ground finish following the use of your Grizzly, you can see the difference in the quality of the soil and smoothness. More important than this, though, is the finish under the soil. Data, results and feedback from farmers and operators show that Grizzly achieve a consistent depth in under soil work and soil turnover. This provides a full weed cut out and kill and the previous crop cut stubble incorporation.

Grizzly machines are the most versatile disc machines available, while there is a place for speed discs in the tillage process these machines tend to be overused and more importantly oversold to unknowing customers who then find out that speed discs are a stubble cultivation tool and not a hard working disc machine such as a Grizzly tandem offset. To ensure a consistent depth, Grizzly discs are the best.

Grizzly machines are also easily folded to maximise base use. The design of the newest members of the Grizzly family places a very high priority on ease of in folding and the importance of OH&S in the workplace.

Are There Any Downsides To Using Grizzly?

Using a Grizzly may take slightly more time in the first instance, but it is time well spent in the final finish. Use the right tool for the job and you will not only reduce problems later but ensure the best result.

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