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HomeNews & ArticlesDevelopment Disc Ploughing – What You Need To Know…
Home Development Disc Ploughing – What You Need To Know…
Development Disc Ploughing – What You Need To Know…

Development Disc Ploughing – What You Need To Know…

What is it?

Development disc ploughing is the technical term, also known as land development, farm development, irrigation development, permanent plantation development or land clearing. It’s developing new country for farming and producing, clearing and deep working, for agricultural purposes.

What is the Best Equipment to Use?

A disc plough is the most efficient way of working deep and turning the field over and there is one name that stands out in the crowd… in developing new country, Grizzly have proven themselves to be able to stand up to the most arduous conditions. The ploughs deliver a level finish and deep cultivation, with total cut out of trees and grasses.

What are the Criteria for a Quality Disc Plough?

There are many criteria to be met, but first and foremost is build quality which is shown through weight and build strength. Australian built with the best quality discs and running gear. And additionally, simple and refined construction. And our personal recommendation for a quality development disc plough? Grizzly, either the Tiny, Heavy or Tiny XL.

What Can Grizzly Machinery be Connected to?

Basically, connect to any bulldozer or tractor and you are on your way.

What is the Grizzly Difference?

Grizzly ploughs and agricultural equipment can work in all conditions, moist or dry. They are developed with adjustable gang angles and designed and built by Grizzly, in Australia.

Grizzly’s agricultural machinery and equipment have been designed with more bearings across to machine which means less load per bearing and per end plate. This means more strength in the plough and a longer lasting machines. The unique Grizzly design ensures no discs come into direct contact with the axel and that there is never any high strain or leverage put on the axles meaning that the Grizzly axle and bearing design handles contact with objects better then anything else on the market. With all load going through the bearings, and increased bearings to weight ratio, strength and reliability is ensured.

Grizzly ploughs are easily serviced in the field, easily greased and wheels, hubs, axles and discs can be changed if needed. Settings can also be changed hydraulically on the tractor, improving operator ease and experience. Grizzly deliver machinery that is easy to use, fold, maintain and change settings with minimal fuss.

Can Development Disc Ploughing Processes be Used by Other Industries?

Yes, development disc ploughing, land clearing, or however you like to refer to it, has multiple applications across a wide span of industries and applications. These include construction, laser levelling or buffing, road works or deep cultivation.

Where Can I Buy Grizzly Equipment and Machinery?

Speak to your local representative or visit https://www.grizzlyag.com.au

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