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HomeNews & ArticlesAgricultural Machinery – The Good, The Bad And The Grizzly Lowdown
Home Agricultural Machinery – The Good, The Bad And The Grizzly Lowdown
Agricultural Machinery – The Good, The Bad And The Grizzly Lowdown

Agricultural Machinery – The Good, The Bad And The Grizzly Lowdown

I can hear the sighs from farmers and agricultural contractors. The world of agricultural machinery can be daunting. There are a variety of machines available, for specific uses, different uses and the same uses. Which should you choose and why?

The first step is to understand what machine you should use for which application. Earlier blogs in this series will be able to help you with this, make sure you check them out.

What Other Questions Should You Ask When Choosing Agricultural Machinery?

Once you have decided the machine you need for your specific situation, the next step is to consider some additional questions. These are how to most efficiently and effectively carry out your land management, pasture regeneration, deep tillage, soil preparation, or whatever you are doing, with quality, reliability and innovation in the machinery.

Other considerations to keep in mind are, is it Australian built?, what brand of the machine will best hold its resale value?, are spare parts easy to access?, is machine easy to service?, Australian designed and made?, Do they have industry leady warranty periods and approvals? These are all very important and critical considerations you being a satisfied and ongoing customer.

And Grizzly Delivers…

Grizzly specialises in building agricultural machinery for the Australian and international markets. They are experienced in the industry since 1982 and have delivered innovation in many features in the machines. Due to this, the machines are more efficient, effective and easier to use and when it is all said and done, making the farmers more profitable. Grizzly specialises in deep rippers and disc ploughs, which are at the heart of almost every agricultural crop harvested all over the world.

Quality tillage and soil preparation maximise your chances of high yielding crops. Whether it be trees, cereals, legumes, any other agricultural crop such as timber, Grizzly has the land preparation and soil preparation equipment to ensure ultimate success.

Latest innovations are easy to fold frame and consideration of any OH&S and safety requirements needed by corporates and safety conscious / time poor farmers. Manual and hydraulic folds are used in Grizzly designs and meet road law requirements.

Quality is delivered through consistent contact with customers, listening and acting on feedback. This feedback has resulted in longer lasting, easier to use machines that will last growers longer than competitor products is the ultimate goal and is delivered through building machines with ongoing improvements into the machines.

Organic or Non-Organic Farms

The use of equipment varies substantially across the primary production industry, most notably in organic or non-organic farming practices. Organic farmers are much more likely to use Grizzly agriculture machinery due to the differences in tillage and farm management practices. Non-organic farmers primarily will use a lot of spaying techniques to kill weeds where organic will use tillage to control weeds and Grizzly supports this.

However, even in minimum or no-till farming practices, the use of Grizzly machinery can be very very beneficial in achieving a desired outcome such as a full weed kill for hard to kill or chemical resistant weeds. The ever-increasing risk of weeds resistant to a chemical is an area where farmers must remain ahead of the game and the use of a Grizzly tandem offset can help you do this.

Australian Made

Family owned and operated as well as Australian Designed and built for Aussie farmers and Aussie conditions.



Input and Output Ratio

Ultimately using quality machinery will generally mean more profitable and effective crops. It stands to reason, if your inputs are of higher quality, regardless of the increased outlay, your profit will most often also be higher due to crops being planted in a more timely manner, the soil is in better condition when planting etc.

While this can be done in many ways, such as watering, fertilizer, etc. Grizzly is a piece in the puzzle at the beginning of the process that drives the ratio and delivers ongoing benefits. It ensures you get maximum seed to soil contact to ensure highest germination and growth. Data shows a vast increase in yield from deep ripping soil before planting. Yields can double or even triple and at a minimum (research from Kondinin) 15-20% through roots having more access to nutrients in the soil, allowing water to penetrate and be stored in the country and better quality soil.

For best tillage, high-profit yields and maximised profits, contact you Grizzly dealer today.

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